Values are the guiding principles that shape our company’s culture and define its identity, playing a crucial role in fostering trust, alignment, and long-term success.


Diversity and Inclusion


Social Responsibility


Commitment to Safety


Environmental Awareness


Carmacks thrives on diversity and inclusion, where every voice matters, every idea is valued, and every person feels empowered to contribute their best work. Joining our team means being part of a vibrant and dynamic culture that celebrates uniqueness, fosters innovation, and embraces collaboration for shared success.


At Carmacks, we take social responsibility seriously, actively engaging in initiatives that benefit communities and the environment. Our employees are encouraged to participate in meaningful volunteer opportunities, allowing them to make a positive impact and contribute to causes they are passionate about.


Carmacks is dedicated to delivering products and services that consistently meet customer requirements, aiming for error-free performance through continuous quality improvement in products, processes, and management systems.

Our construction contracting management philosophy at Carmacks is grounded in two core principles, shaping both our internal operations and our external collaborations with partners and stakeholders within any contract.

Internally, we prioritize quality across procedures, products, services, and relationships with staff and subcontractors, setting high performance standards with input from management and employees, developing supportive processes and procedures, and implementing stringent quality control programs to measure and maintain performance.

Externally, we emphasize partnering as a fundamental approach, building trust-based relationships with business partners through collaboration, open communication, shared goals, established conflict resolution procedures, and ongoing monitoring of team performance to achieve shared success.


Ensuring the protection of our environment is paramount to the prosperity of our community, province, and nation. Carmacks is dedicated to developing programs that comply with environmental laws and regulations, striving for excellence in environmental management to mitigate adverse impacts on air, water, and land.

In line with our commitment and legal obligations, Carmacks has implemented a practical environmental policy governing our construction and maintenance activities. To ensure the effectiveness of this policy, all personnel are expected to adhere to these environmental guidelines and procedures.

Every project we undertake is unique in its environmental considerations, requiring thorough assessment and ongoing attention throughout its lifecycle. These considerations, influenced by factors such as location, project type, and regulatory requirements, guide our tailored approach to address the specific environmental aspects of each project.


Carmacks is a pioneering force in promoting accident prevention, prioritizing a safe work environment as a fundamental value. Operating across various jurisdictions, we meticulously review safety regulations, surpassing legal requirements to ensure the safety of our employees, the public, and all stakeholders accessing our worksites.

Our safety policy embodies active leadership and unwavering support to prevent human suffering from personal injury and economic losses due to property damage. Carmacks is dedicated to delivering comprehensive specialized safety training to all employees, both externally through professional safety training associations and internally through our seasoned personnel. We understand that collective effort is crucial in fostering a safe and healthy workplace culture at Carmacks.

The effectiveness of a safety program hinges on tangible results. Carmacks rigorously assesses the outcomes of each safety initiative and adjusts programs accordingly. In addition to conducting internal safety audits, we undergo regular audits by accredited external safety auditors. These evaluations furnish crucial insights to refine and continually enhance our safety programs.